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SEP 16 2010

BC Jean featured on

Check out this just published article on upcoming singer/songwriter/performer BC Jean featured on BC Jean's debut single, "Just A Guy", has been getting rave reviews and was just released to iTunes this week. Melidna Newman, the writer of the article, got a preview of some of her songs in a listening session with Clive Davis and writes:

"Davis played tracks written by Jean with such ringers as the Matrix, Max Martin and Ryan Tedder (she also had a co-writer for 'It I Were a Boy' in Toby Gad). They were straight-up pop tunes, mainly propelled by a massive beat. Davis is thinking Alanis, I’m hearing Avril Lavigne. First single, “Just A Guy,” which went to radio this week, is a galloping rush of a song that will be catnip to female-oriented Top 40. The other stand-out track was mid-tempo ballad, 'Anyone,' which could be her 'I’m With You.'"

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