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APR 05 2011

BC Jean Stars In New Web Series TALENT

Today BC Jean makes her acting debut in Alloy Entertainment’s newest web series, Talent. Talent is the hot new series about two girls trying to make it in LA, from the executive producers of Pretty Little Liars. Episodes will premiere Tuesday's and Thursday's of each week and BC Jean will even be blogging throughout the series! Be sure you check regularly so you don't miss any of her updates!! Click Here to watch Episode 1 of Talent.

In Talent, BC Jean plays the role of Harper, a singer songwriter who marches to the beat of her own drum. Her funky confidence is exactly what the music industry is missing, or so she thinks. Armed with some killer tunes she’s written herself, Harper is ready to crack LA with her unmatchable Talent, but will she let a small taste of fame get to her head and ruin her shot before it even started? Find out and watch here!