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JUN 21 2011

The Critics Love Planet Pit

The critics can't stop talking about Planet Pit! Check out these killer reviews below and be sure to get your copy of Planet Pit on iTunes today!

"Planet Pit is a lazy club DJs wet dream; just press play" - DJ

"The Party Album of 2011" - Entertainment Weekly

"Shake Señora is a limbo dance-party waiting to happen" - NY Post

"There are no wallflowers on Planet Pit, where the beats are always thumping" - USA Today

"Pitbull, now more important than ever, and more popular, thanks to his irrepressible new album, 'Planet Pit.'" - New York Times

"'Planet Pit' is its own future Greatest Hits package." - Washington Post

"If you want a huge pop hit these days, get Pitbull to rap on it" - US Weekly

"...this album is burning like a double-shot of tequila under a thousand strobe lights." - Idolator