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SEP 07 2011

Exclusive "Mr. Know It All" Sticker On GetGlue

Show the world how much you love Kelly's new single, "Mr. Know It All"! Check-in to Kelly on GetGlue and earn this exclusive sticker. Why wait another day to tell your friends how much you're listening to the new song? Show-It-All NOW by heading over to GetGlue to check-in to Kelly today!

For those of you new to this - here's how it works. Log in to GetGlue and visit Kelly's Official GetGlue Page. You should see a large "Check-in" section on her page - enter in a message about how much you love Kelly's "Mr. Know It All" (be sure to include the song title in your message) and click the "check-in" button. You'll then earn the exclusive GetGlue sticker. It's that easy!

Start checking in now. Be sure to show-it-all by sharing the sticker with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook! Stay tuned more sticker roll outs to come!