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SEP 09 2011

Exclusive "Not Over You" Sticker On GetGlue

Show the world how much you love Gavin's new single, "Not Over You"! Check-in to Gavin on GetGlue and earn this exclusive sticker. Why wait another day to tell your friends how much you're listening to the new song? Be sure you head on over to GetGlue and check-in today.

For those of you new to this - here's how it works. Log in to GetGlue and visit Gavin's Official GetGlue Page. You should see a large "Check-in" section on his page - enter in a message about how much you love Gavin's "Not Over You" (be sure to include the song title in your message) and click the "check-in" button. You'll then earn the exclusive GetGlue sticker! It's that easy!

Start checking in now. Be to share with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook!