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SEP 22 2010

IMOGEN HEAP - NEW DVD “Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse” TO BE RELEASED ON NOVEMBER 2ND

(New York – NY) Imogen Heap has announced the release of “Everything In-Between: The Story Of Ellipse” DVD (RCA Records) - a behind the scenes look and diary of Imogen Heap’s three year journey to making the Grammy Award winning album, “Ellipse” (RCA Records) on November 2nd. Culled from over 360 hours of footage, travel with Imogen as she warmly invites you into her old family home, where we experience her building the recording studio, her writing & recording process and everything in-between!

Imogen explains how the DVD came about - "It all started with a fan sending in a request, asking if I could make a video diary when on my writing trip around the pacific. So, I took it with me as my only companion and spoke daily into the camera. When I got back to London, I kept it up with a lot of help from my good friend Justine, who'd come around twice a week and also would film what became the 40 vblogs.

There are so many peripheral things that go around making an album. It all goes by in a flash for me. Dotted with performances, collaborations to passing my driving test! Everyone will finally have an idea of what I get up to in my basement and why it takes me so long to make an album.

People will get a real feel for the fabric of the sounds on the album, from wine glasses in the kitchen to the birds flocking over the park woods in the evening. Taking the piano apart to the squeaky floors in the hallway and how they get molded and shaped into the songs”.

Imogen is also embarking on a full tour of the UK this autumn including a date at the Royal Albert Hall on November 5th. The Royal Albert Hall show will see Imogen conduct an orchestra for the very first time. The music will be inspired by the first crowd sourced film about the earth. Both the orchestral piece and her traditional show will be streamed live on the internet. For more information on how to get involved please visit