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NOV 14 2011

Kris Allen Grows a "Stache" for Music Education

To raise awareness for and Music Empowers (and for our entertainment) Kris Allen is growing some facial hair for a good cause. Donate today to help keep Kris motivated and support the charity.

Kris Allen and Music Empowers once again are teaming up in support of music education for kids. For their latest effort the duo are partnering to provide a major grant to, the national online charity that matches individual donors to project requests fro teachers in public schools. Funds provided by Music Empowers will be used to match contributions made by individual donors to eligible classroom music education projects. “Once individual donations total 50% of a music project’s cost, we will fund the other 50%,” explained Andy Davis, Founder of Music Empowers. Kris and Andy hope that their initiative will help to fund hundreds of projects and benefit over 10,000 kids.

A “Stache” for Kris?

Yep! In order to give his fans an extra incentive to help out, Kris has announced that for the next four weeks he will be growing a mustache. Don’t believe it? Check out Kris’s public service announcement, which is airing on television and check back here for “Stache” updates.

Fans wishing to contribute to one of the projects supported by Kris and Music Empowers can go to