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JUL 16 2010

"September" Comes Early For Daughtry

Daughtry has premiered its new video for "September" on the music network VEVO.

Directed by Chris Sims, the highly personal video features singer Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drummer Robin Diaz, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely playing live and looking back at their past.

The third single from the group's #1 platinum album Leave This Town, "September" continues to climb steadily on radio charts, approaching the Top 10. Chris Daughtry and Josh Steely co-wrote "September," a bittersweet ballad that draws on the singer's experiences growing up in a North Carolina town of 100 people.

"'September' reminds me of my life in Lasker," Daughtry explains. "I loved living there, it built my character, but knew I'd have leave to make something out of my life."

Daughtry also announced it will once again perform at Rockefeller Center, taking part in the Today Show's Toyota Concert Series for the second consecutive year. The band's live performance will be featured throughout the broadcast Friday, August 20.

Recently, Daughtry completed its hugely successful, first-ever headlining arena tour, which began last summer. The group will continue to perform select dates in the U.S this summer then make stops in Europe, South Africa and Asia this fall.