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JUL 15 2010

VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Your vote could help provide access to music education for every child. Vote Early and Often! We Need Your Support. The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is excited to be named a competitor for the Pepsi Refresh project this July! We have a chance to win $250,000 which will help restore instrumental music in 8 public elementary and/or middle schools. But we need your help! Do your part to help thousands of children have access to a full and complete education which includes music education! Please vote today and EVERYDAY at to make this happen, or visit the website at Remember also to tell your friends, family and associates to vote for us throughout the month! School districts throughout the country are facing deep budget challenges and in-school music programs, an integral part of a comprehensive education, are at risk. The impact of these cuts could deny a generation of students a well-rounded education that will prepare them to succeed in life and compete in the global economy. It is crucial that we do not let this occur. A Pepsi Refresh grant would help the Foundation make a lasting impact for children in communities throughout the nation. Thank you for your votes and support!