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JAN 15 2013

A$AP Rocky's Road To Release Day

Rocky’s road to release may be ending, but his music career is just beginning. Peep MTV’s last Road to Release video below and get your copy of LONG.LIVE.A$AP on iTunes today.

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JAN 15 2013

Go Behind the Scenes of K$'s "C'Mon" Video

Hope everyone's gettin' rowdy watching Ke$ha's new "C'Mon" video! Now you can go behind the scenes at the shoot on VEVO!

JAN 15 2013

A$AP Rocky’s Q&A With Rolling Stone

“It took nine years for people to start calling Jay-Z the "King of New York." It took A$AP Rocky nine words.” Read more of Rolling Stone’s Q&A session with Rocky on sudden fame, his upcoming tour with Rihanna and more here. Get your copy of LONG.LIVE.A$AP today.