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SEP 08 2011

J-14 Loves 'Majors & Minors'

J-14 Magazine has an exclusive look at The Hub’s upcoming series Majors and Minors! The show follows 12 teens as they begin their journey to superstardom. The contestants will receive guidance from singing superstars Avril Lavigne, Adam Lambert, and Leona Lewis amongst many others. Majors and Minors premieres September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on The Hub. Check out the exclusive clip below!

SEP 08 2011

Leona’s Making Of The Album - Part One

Leona is hard at work on her new album. Check out the behind the scenes studio footage below and let us know what you think!

SEP 08 2011

Kelly Featured In Entertainment Weekly's Fall Music Preview

Kelly Clarkson is featured in Entertainment Weekly’s upcoming Fall Music Preview! Kelly talks about why she became a singer, what she hopes to be remembered for and some of her old and new favorite songs. She also gives fans an idea of what to expect from her upcoming album, Stronger, being released October 24th. Click here for the full interview on

SEP 08 2011

USA Today's Feature Sneak Peek Of 'Majors & Minors'

USA Today’s “Idol Chatter” features a sneak peek from Majors and Minors! The clip features some of the auditions for the show; along with clips of celebrity mentors including Avril Lavigne and Jordin Sparks motivating the contestants. Majors and Minors premieres September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on The Hub. You can watch the clip here:

SEP 07 2011

Exclusive "Mr. Know It All" Sticker On GetGlue

Show the world how much you love Kelly's new single, "Mr. Know It All"! Check-in to Kelly on GetGlue and earn this exclusive sticker. Why wait another day to tell your friends how much you're listening to the new song? Show-It-All NOW by heading over to GetGlue to check-in to Kelly today!

For those of you new to this - here's how it works. Log in to GetGlue and visit Kelly's Official GetGlue Page. You should see a large "Check-in" section on her page - enter in a message about how much you love Kelly's "Mr. Know It All" (be sure to include the song title in your message) and click the "check-in" button. You'll then earn the exclusive GetGlue sticker. It's that easy!

Start checking in now. Be sure to show-it-all by sharing the sticker with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook! Stay tuned more sticker roll outs to come!

SEP 07 2011

Leona Lewis: 'Majors & Minors' Mentor!

Check out Leona with the new cast of Majors & Minors. The new reality series will be debuting Friday, September 23rd. You can catch a sneak peek of Majors & Minors on The Hub at 8/7c.