Alicia Keys OpenMic

Alicia Keys OpenMic is a singing game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. (Headphones with the microphone accessory are required for iPod Touch and 1st-generation iPhone users.) Sing along with Alicia Keys, or, turn off her vocals and see how well you do without her backing you up!

Included songs:
- Doesn't Mean Anything
- Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart

In addition to the included songs, Alicia Keys Open Mic is the first Open Mic game to include a music store, where you download more of Alicia Keys hits to sing along with.

At a party, or want to hear your voice through your stereo? Connect your phone to a set of speakers and hear your voice mixed with Alicia Keys's. The mic mix level can be adjusted in the Audio Options menu - just pause the game to adjust the mix mid-game.

Open Mic: Alicia Keys is OpenFeint Enabled, allowing you to share your scores and earn achievements.