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Stela Cole

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Strange bedfellows often make for superlative synchronicity. Humming barbershop harmonies over rap beats and flaunting high-fashion streetwear style topped off by a fifties ‘do, Stela Cole finds the sweet spot between doo wop, pop, and hip-hop. The Atlanta-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist stirs up a sound akin to Yeezus producing The Chordettes—all hard-hitting maximalism, unpredictable rhyme schemes, and sugary melodies. Most importantly, the music reflects her personal spirit with crystal clarity, charisma, and confidence. “I wanted the music to perfectly represent who I am and what I want,” she affirms. “I love the music scene in Atlanta, but I’m obsessed with barbershop girl groups from the fifties and sixties. When you listen, it’s important for you to get…

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