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Toni Romiti

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It’s so refreshing to hear the brutal truth. Forget the posturing, pretense, and politeness. Somebody has to tell it like it is. Enter Toni Romiti. Armed with a mouth that’d make Sharon Stone in Casino blush, a powerhouse voice that takes no prisoners, and attitude for days, the Chicago-born and Los Angeles-based songstress serves up raw, raucous, and real R&B fueled by hip-hop attitude and pop palatability on her 2017 major label debut EP, Tomboy [Romiti Records/RCA Records]. “I want girls to know it’s okay to be arrogant, feel dominant, and have a fucking opinion that matters,” she exclaims. “Women aren’t supposed to be loud. Women aren’t supposed to say the raunchy things that men do. I’m loud, and I…

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