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Check Out What The Press Is Already Saying About Mø

Check out what the press is already saying about MØ and her upcoming EP! Take a look below.


“If there is any justice left in the Grammys, then one year from today, MØ might be waking up in a fog after celebrating her win for Best New Artist.“


“The Danish singer already knows how to appeal to pop fans around the world”

“The up-and-coming pop star Karen Marie Ørsted, who performs as MØ, took the UK girl group’s ‘Say You’ll Be There’ and re-worked it as a hypnotic slow jam.”


“MØ (real name: Karen Marie Ørsted) unleashed the punchy, aggropop single “XXX88”. Produced by none other than Diplo, the towering track provides plenty of reasons to get excited for her forthcoming foursong debut EP.”


“Don’t Wanna Dance” is one of the young year’s most delectable pop singles.”


“One of the most anticipated albums of 2014”

“Say what you will about the surge of poptimism in the indie-sphere — and I know you will — but when we’re getting gritty and emotionally revealing infectious treats like this, I will gladly start putting Sky Ferreira, HAIM, and now, MØ posters on my bedroom wall.”

“If you are taking your shot at pop-star status and you’re not rocking pink fur to an auto graveyard, you probably aren’t doing it quite right. MØ is doing it right.” (About Don’t You Wanna Dance video)

Pigeons & Planes

“Between her fearless lyrics and catchy, hook-driven melodies, MØ has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new acts to listen to today.”

“If No Mythologies to Follow is on the level of the magnetic electro-pop she’s offered up so far, it could be one of the year’s strongest pop debuts”

Consequence of Sound

“Divergent influences coalesce in her music, creating edgy and palatable pop music. From her debut single, “Maiden”, premiering on YouTube in May 2012, it was obvious that she was something fresh in an overcrowded genre.”


“World, meet MØ, the Danish singer to keep our ears tuned into. She’s been slowly creeping around the periphery of the electropop scene for a minute, and it’s high time her name gets out and in the forefront of our libraries.”