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Dempsey Hope Releases New EP “i Hate Rollercoasters”

(Los Angeles, CA – December 3rd, 2021) Seattle-based artist on the rise Dempsey Hope releases his new EP “i hate rollercoasters”via RCA Records. Listen HERE. The EP features 5 new tracks along with previously released tracks “plug my ears,” “reset,” “strawberry cheesecake,” “birds” and “picture perfect.” Check out the full tracklist below.

“i hate rollercoasters” EP Tracklist

  1. strawberry cheesecake
  2. picture perfect
  3. spotlight
  4. birds
  5. reset
  6. feather
  7. 16 again
  8. skip curfew
  9. plug my ears
  10. electric

About “i hate rollercoasters”, Dempsey says, “so i think i should preface this note by letting you all know how much i actually hate rollercoasters… in real life. this project is about the ups and downs of life, relationships, career, and really just everything. there’s high peaks like “strawberry cheesecake”, “spotlight”, “birds”, and you even feel that a bit in the final track “electric”. while there are also low points of self reflection like in “feather” and “melancholy everyday”. but the project is really based around the dead center of the tracklist with “reset”. sometimes things can get out of whack, you forget your routines, you lose sight of your goals, ultimately you feel lost, just know that it’s okay, it’s totally normal. it could be because you simply lost sight of what was really important to you because you were so caught up living in the moment and there’s nothing wrong with that! often times, minor adjustments won’t get you back to where you need to be, a simple pick me up won’t suffice, it’s beyond that, a reset is in order, you gotta air it out and start fresh, just yell it out, it feels good! i love writing and making music more than most people could imagine. i write when i’m sad, i write when i’m happy, sometimes i write for no reason at all, i write with a lot of intention and sometimes i get stuck and have to completely reset and start fresh during my next session. i always intend to show my emotions through my music and i really hope that my fans are able to connect with all of the ups and the downs, or whatever it is that they are seeking in that moment. the last year has been a wild ride of ups and downs and everything in-between, but i can’t help but smile through all of it. however, it doesn’t take away from the fact that i fucking hate rollercoasters!!”

Earlier this month, Dempsey wrapped up his first nationwide run of shows where he supported Ryan Caraveo on his “Northend Sweetheart Tour.”

About Dempsey Hope:
Dempsey Hope has been a singer and performer since an early age. In 2009, Dempsey began recording his YouTube videos, gaining fans by doing covers and creating content with his childhood friend Kateel. He then got started with a local community based recording program in South Seattle, releasing his first original song “Game Time”, and started busking at local festivals and on the streets of Seattle.

In high school, Dempsey focused on sports, and was a member of the Nathan Hale Basketball Team that went undefeated and won the High School National Championship in 2017. He also led his Ultimate Frisbee Team to a Washington State Championship and the national stage. In 2016, Dempsey began to dive back into the world of music, taking a more serious approach to the craft of songwriting and since then has fully dedicated himself to pursuing music. In 2018, Dempsey linked up with Seattle based producer Jake Crocker and they got to work, developing and crafting much of what you hear in Dempsey’s sound today. Together they created tracks like “Commitment Issues”, “3 Years”, “When I Wake Up”, “time flies”, “elephant in the room feat. gnash” and “roller rink.” He has been called “an unbelievable talent” by Lyrical Lemonade and was featured in the Seattle Times. Leaning heavily on a sound that he calls “nostalgic”, Dempsey crafts poignant melodies with Pop and R&B influences that will make you a fan after just one listen. Last fall, Dempsey released the dempsey hope project. The project was a collection of 10 songs that Dempsey had spent months working on and featured “baby blue” ft. Olivia O’Brien (watch the lyric video HERE) as well as fan favorites such as “roller rink” which was featured in Billboard’s “10 Cool New Pop Songs To Get You Through The Week,” “time flies” and “elephant in the room” feat. gnash.

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