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Giorgio Moroder’s DÉJÀ VU Debuts At #1 On The Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart


“’Déjà Vu’ is a dance-pop album from start to finish — a gleaming, effervescent, crafty blend of the disco that gave Mr. Moroder his first hits and the electronic dance music that has been extrapolating his ideas for decades.” – The New York TImes

“Sparkling” – Time Magazine

“… few have exerted more influence over today’s music than the Italian producer/songwriter who put Munich on the ’70s musical map, Giorgio Moroder.”—NPR Music

“The high priest of disco returns.”—Rolling Stone

“Giorgio Moroder, disco god brings back the sound…booming beats…rich melodies…up-to-date technology, jittery rhythm, and songwriting craft…Moroder has created a zesty new club beats for stars as current as Sia, Charli XCX and Britney Spears.”New York Daily News

“At 75, dance pioneer Moroder is still ahead of the curve…Hearing Sia’s funky ‘Déjà vu’ or Charli XCX’s glitzy thumper ‘Diamonds,’ even wallflowers will want to uproot themselves and head to the dance floor.” People Magazine

“his hot comeback album.” Entertainment Weekly

“It’s upbeat and fun, and that (now) 75-year-old Moroder can craft a pop album this commercial says a lot about both the man and his chosen business.” – Yahoo Music

“…Most fans will be drawn to the vintage feel that runs through cuts like the title track, which shimmers with Chic guitars and Sia’s seductive vocals. Four-to-the-floor still lives, three decades on.” – New York Post

“The most influential producer electronic music has ever known… Déjà vu is a collection which veers from EDM-leaning bangers, like the Charli XCX-featuring ‘Diamonds,’ and LP closer ‘74 Is the New 24,’ which marries a more modern electro aesthetic with Italo disco.”—Vice/Noisey

“Diamonds,” his collaboration with Charli XCX, bounces between snotty pop hooks and a wobbly, distorted low end that might have caused serious damage to Studio 54’s subwoofers…The Minogue feature “Right Here, Right Now” is an effortlessly sparkly slab of neo-disco, while “Wildstar,” with 25-year-old British singer Foxes, takes a number of Moroder signatures and marries them to a euphoric electro-orchestral sweep.”– Variety

“The legendary disco producer is continuing his unexpected career revival with a new full-length brimming with superstar collaborations….He reminds us why he’s one of dance music’s foremost innovators.”– Billboard

“…singles such as the sparkling Minogue number ‘Right Here, Right Now’ show that Moroder hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to creating a certain kind of ethereal pop magic…”—V Magazine

“Giorgio Moroder is back baby!” — Wired

“The iconic producer introduced electronic music to pop radio and soundtracked your favorite ’80s movies. At age 75, he’s back and finally feeling the love.”– Complex

“…While a lot of people think EDM today is sort of rubbish, some know exactly how to do it properly. Exhibit A: Giorgio Moroder… The record breathes with all the spirit disco-pop once summoned.” – Consequence of Sound

“After a 30-year hiatus — and backed by an army of today’s biggest pop stars — the man who all but invented EDM is preparing the ultimate comeback.” (Title track)’Déjà Vu’ splits the difference between the soaring, rafter-shaking club-pop we’ve come to expect from the Aussie singer and Moroder’s 1970s trademark… an irresistible four-to-the-floor beat, melodramatic strings, saucy handclaps. It’s an exuberant disco banger that would make Donna Summer proud, and if there’s justice in this world, it will be the song of the summer.” — OUT

“Déjà Vu channels sounds from days past, which is ironically now the days of the future… it’s actually a sign of what’s to come from the continuously evolving electronic music and the producer himself… a who’s who of music at this very moment.”

Rating: 4/5 – Idolator

“Déjà Vu is a strong effort, and one that evokes Moroder’s formidable past accomplishments while taking risks and building on pop’s current dance-heavy sound — a sound he was instrumental in developing.” — PopCrush

“a relentlessly fun record.”—New York Magazine/Vulture

“the 75-year-old inventor of disco (is) dazzling fans old and new with Déjà Vu, his first new album in 30 years… “ – The Advocate

“Moroder is one of the most influential disco and electronica musicians of all time …You might expect this to be a throwback affair, one that highlights the lineage of some of today’s newest stars. Instead… the album’s on-trend…Pop’s currently obsessed with dance music that has Moroder’s sonic DNA, both in the form of the sleek drama of EDM and the warm, springy disco repopularized by Pharrell.” – The Atlantic

“… ‘Déjà vu’ finds Moroder adding to his already legendary legacy.” – NY Newsday


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