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Leikeli47 Releases “BITM” Off Forthcoming Album ‘Shape Up’


Leikeli47 has announced a new album Shape Up, out April 15th via Hardcover/RCA Records, the finale to the trilogy that included her debut Wash & Set and the highly lauded 2018 AcrylicShape Up takes up many meanings for the LA-based multi-hyphenate; It’s 47 as the best version of herself and, in her words, “me finally walking into the confidence I always pretended to have.” It represents the manifestation and execution of shaping up mentally, physically, and spiritually. She continues, “I’m happy to say I’m here. It took work, it takes work, and that’s what ‘Shape Up’ is about.”

Today you can hear the first single from the album BITM, short for Bitch I’m The Man. Driven by an airy ballroom house beat, the video features footage of her attending the OTA Ball (founded by Leggoh JohVera) amongst ballroom voguing as well as footage from a recent sold-out Elsewhere Brooklyn show, her first performance since 2019.

The album, which was Executive Produced by Harold Lilly, will feature the previously released track Chitty Bang,” which was quietly released in early January. Not so quietly, the track was featured in a wide-scale international Apple iPhone 13 commercial and featured placement in EA Sports’ Madden 22. 47 was also the muse in the recent Hedi Slimane shot Celine campaign. Featuring three black and white photos, 47 was donned in an array of new-season Celine garments. Hedi Slimane noted of the shoot: “I am really fond of Leikeli47, her distinctive and cool sound, and sophisticated flow, her strong and endearing personality.” See the photos and read more about it here.

Presave Shape Up:


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