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Click here to listen to “Aura.”

Click here to pre-order RY RY WORLD.

[New York, NY – July 2, 2021] Mariah the Scientist serves up “Aura,” another cut ahead of her long-awaited project release, RY RY WORLD. Succinctly capturing the tumultuous tug and pull that comes with love, “Aura,” a quintessential R&B single, emphasizes Mariah’s powerful vocals and emotional strength. Set to release on July 9th via RCA Records, RY RY WORLD will detail who Mariah’s grown into during its two years in the making, sharing intimate moments like in “Aura.” Listen to the new single here and pre-order RY RY WORLD here.

RY RY WORLD will be the follow-up project to Mariah the Scientist’s 2019 major label debut Master –a wry and profoundly personal collection of self-reflective ballads layered with sparse, cinematic instrumentals. “When combined with the unvarnished quality of Mariah’s voice, the cumulative effect is mesmerizing,” Pitchfork reviewed. With over 31 million streams worldwide and counting, Master set the stage for RY RY WORLD. Last year, Mariah geared up for her return with two releases, “Always n Forever” feat. Lil Baby and “RIP,” and last month, she announced the project with her single, “2 You.”

Born and raised in Atlanta on a steady diet of R&B,  Mariah the Scientist arrived on the music scene in 2018 with her indelible debut project To Die For, showcasing her take on the genre that’s sonically shaped her. It was a defining moment for the artist, who had quit studying biology at St. John’s University in Queens, New York to become an anesthesiologist. When pursuing a career in music became a strong reality, Mariah had dropped out of school and moved back to Atlanta to hone her craft and become self-sufficient in her creative process. Thus, Mariah the Scientist came to be. Through and through, Mariah embodies modern R&B by way of her fearlessness and unapologetic femininity. Her songwriting is rooted in vulnerability and honesty, which creates a unique perspective that listeners can connect with, showcasing the 23-year-old’s sleek lyricism within narratives of romance, relationships and love. Her bold moves continue to pay off and fans will get to see all of that unfold as Mariah The Scientist readies for a game-changing return with RY RY WORLD.

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RY RY WORLD – Tracklist

  1. Impalas & Air Force 1s
  2. Aura
  3. Walked In feat. Young Thug
  4. RIP
  5.  2 You
  6. Brain
  7. Maybe
  8. Always n Forever feat. Lil Baby
  9. All For Me
  10. Revenge

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