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MASN Shares New Single “Adrenaline” From Forthcoming EP, This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You”

Watch “Adrenaline” Official Video Here

July 8, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) – Artist on the rise MASN has released his upbeat new single “Adrenaline” today via RCA Records. Inspired by a near-death experience, the infectious song celebrates the rush that comes when you let go of life’s handlebars and embrace risk. The track, which was produced by Zachary Seman and Roger Kleinman (Zayn), is from MASN’s upcoming EP, This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You.

Listen HERE

 “I was in a car accident last year where my car rolled three times and somehow I walked away pretty much unscathed. That was a very eye-opening experience,” MASN recalls. “I realized everyone has two lives and the second starts when you realize you have only one. You just have to live life, be present and face your fears, because if you’re not living anyway, what do you have to lose?”

The official video follows MASN through a series of adrenaline-pumping stunts that should not be attempted at home, like suspending mid-air from a hot air balloon or riding on the hood of a Tesla. (Safety precautions were taken during filming.)

Watch HERE

This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You is the follow-up to MASN’s 2020 EP, How To Kill A Rockstar. Examining the rollercoasters of love, sadness, grief, joy, devastation, and how each emotion shapes the space around them, the new project serves as a reminder to each listener that they matter in this world.

“The EP is called This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You because it’s the truth: you—all of you, the negative, the positive, the in-between—matters, and the world would be worse off if you weren’t in it,” explains MASN. “This is a reminder I’ve had to tell myself, and I’m hopeful the message really resonates with someone—even if it’s one person—who needs to hear it.”

About MASN
21-year-old Utah native MASN exploded onto the scene in 2019 when his hit single “Psycho!” dropped. The track exploded online and had garnered over 100M combined audio and video streams worldwide and over 1.5M TikTok videos. Shortly after, he released his track “Val!um” followed by tapping rapper Trippie Redd for a remix of “Psycho!” which marked MASN’s first release with RCA Records.

MASN’s expansive creative palette distills into a dreamy melting pot of lo-fi beatcraft, indie experimentation, hip-hop fluidity, and lush pop, amplifying every side of himself within his songs. He released his debut EP, How To Kill A Rockstar, in 2020, featuring the singles “Hate Me!” and “Fire,” which received praise from Billboard, Ones To Watch, PAPER, and more.


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