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Back to News Premieres Cage The Elephant’s New “Cry Baby” Video

Pooneh Ghana travelled with Kentucky rockers Cage The Elephant in 2014 and 2015 as their tour photographer – “Pooneh’s a legend”, they say – and she captured so many highlights in the process that they asked her to direct their new video.

“Every time she joins us for tour as our tour photographer,” the band told us, “we end up capturing so many great moments that never see the light of day. So with this video, the idea was to again team up with Pooneh, but this time keep it all about the offbeat moments in between.”

The result is this video for ‘Cry Baby’ – the opening track from fourth album ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ – and its video cuts together lo-fi footage documenting their live shows, travels and more.

To back the track’s tambourine-flecked, rollicking fuzz, we’re treated to a videographic scrapbook of life on the road – be that hugging the Angel of the North, visiting a house of mirrors, or sitting in boozy dives. The climax is of course Ghana’s sweaty slo-mo shot of shirtless frontman Matt Shultz channelling Iggy Pop and leaping into his adoring crowd.

If it makes you want to catch them live – which it should – you can do so this summer at Reading & Leeds.