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The Press Is Loving Marsha’s New Single “Run”

Everyone can’t get enough of Marsha’s beautiful voice in her new single “Run”! Join in on the conversation and see what everyone is saying below. Download the track on iTunes and Amazon today.

Haven’t heard it yet? Listen below!

“…it’s a strong look for Ambrosius, who sells the song’s ache like her heart broke yesterday. Her skill, and the song’s immediate familiarity for most listeners, renders “Run” one of her best compositions to date.”

“This is another sad love song, but when Marsha Ambrosius’s mellifluous voice is in command of singing the heartache, it’s hard not to listen.”

Stupid Dope
“[Marsha] does her thing, giving us an amazing combination of smooth vocals, and sweet instrumentation that makes for something refreshing and incredible.”

The Boombox
“Over a somber piano groove, the R&B songbird displays a vulnerability that will tug on your heartstrings…”

Vibe Vixen
“Releasing all her inhibitions and monstrous vocal range, Marsha expresses the tearful pains of a love lost over this orchestra-heavy ballad.”

DJ Booth
“Marsha’s vocals are soft and poignant, but they still have so much life and power.”

Soul Bounce
” ‘Run’ will carve your heart out and throw it into a Cuisinart, it’s that shattering and spot-on emotional as with polished vocals, Ambrosius laments about her efforts to get over a love that she’s just not feeling anymore.”

That Grape Juice
“…there’s no denying the potency of Ambrosius’ vocal performance… An Urban Adult Contemporary hit in waiting.”