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Robert Grace Releases New Track “Fckd In The Head”

(Los Angeles, CA – July 1st, 2022) – Irish singer/songwriter Robert Grace releases his new track “Fckd in the Head” via Sony Music Germany/RCA Records. Listen HERE. He’s not just a singer-songwriter, but also a TikTok and YouTube star, with a huge following that celebrates him for his creative remixes and song mash ups, as well as for the way he openly discusses mental health issues that are so universal but feel deeply personal to anyone affected. One of his most recent tracks “Hate Me”, which was released last December has already accumulated more than 6.3 million streams globally.

Written in the early months of 2021, “Fckd in the Head” originated from an idea Robert Grace had for a refrain and was wrapped up with the help of British songwriters and producers KIN (Kane Parfitt) & Ruxley (Rupert Blackman) via zoom (pandemic – you know the drill). “Fckd in the Head” once again touches on the subject of mental health & illness, a topic his hit single “Fake Fine” also covered, which has since rounded up nearly 15 million plays to date on Spotify alone. “It’s about your own personal battle with mental health. You’re too afraid to let anyone in or to look for help so you just try to act like everything’s fine for as long as you possibly can!! I’ve had/have my own struggles in this department too so the song is definitely more fact than fiction,“ Robert Grace explains about the new track.

Produced by Gustav Nystrom, “Fckd in the Head” offers the typical Robert Grace sound with his ultra-melodic, smooth voice, witty lyrics and is catchy as ever, but also offers a little sonic twist, as Robert says himself: “I think it very much ties in with a lot of my other songs. Maybe a little more on the Emo/Punk side than usual, but still my sound!“

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