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SAYGRACE Releases New Track “Loyal” Via RCA Records

Listen Here:

“Loyal” featured on SAYGRACE’s Forthcoming EP,

The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships

(January 10, 2020 — New York) — Loyalty is a tricky thing. The trust we extend to people in relationships may come from nothing but blind faith, but once you find out you’ve been lied to…who are you going to be loyal to?

Listen to SAYGRACE’s “Loyal” here:

SAYGRACE explores the question in “Loyal,” a track produced by Mike “Rio” Loving (Lil’ Wayne, Kendrick Lamar), opting to put herself ahead of the shady guy who tries to make her a side piece and a fake friend who can’t stop talking behind her back.

Taking from her actual experiences, Brisbane, Australia born singer/songwriter SAYGRACE has made the conscious decision to put the version of herself she wants to be into the world with her debut EP, The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships. She thinks of it as a message to the younger version of herself, and a message to any woman who needs to hear it, that in a world that’s always trying to shrink you, you can be as big as you want.

She set out to make music that tells girls they don’t have to have it all figured out or succumb to pressure to be something they’re not. That it’s okay to just be yourself. And that it’s okay if you don’t know who that is yet. “The things that I’ve gone through have made me a little rough around the edges and hard for some people to take, but it’s who I am. I’d rather be this way than be a version of myself that makes you feel more comfortable,” says SAYGRACE.

“Loyal” follows “Doin’ Too Much” — watch the video HERE — and her introductory video and track, “Boys Ain’t Shit” — watch the video HERE.  Both follow her exploration of the world as an adult, with all it entails, while still feeling like a kid who isn’t quite ready for the responsibility.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, SAYGRACE discusses the inspiration behind her forthcoming EP – read it HERE.

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