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Watch The Video Premiere For Chris Malinchak’s “Stranger” Featuring Mikky Ekko Live On Vevo

The video for Chris Malinchak’s brand new single “Stranger” featuring Mikky Ekko premiered today on VEVO. Click here to watch it now! “ Stranger” will be available for sale at all digital providers tomorrow, July 8th via Ultra Music/Sony Music UK/RCA Records.

Directed by famed lensmen Mark Seliger, the video for “Stranger” is a snapshot of a carefree summer day in New York City, “circa 1982”as described by Seliger, serving as a perfect accompaniment to a song that Pigeons and Planes raved about calling it 2014’s “summer anthem.” Mass Appeal also picked up on the vibe by describing “Stranger” as “a reminder of an era that reigned with smooth guitar licks and rolling bass lines that you could roller skate to.” The UK Guardian also wrote:“’Stranger’ pushes pop’s current disco obsession through a Pharrell-esque filter, with Ekko’s deliriously carefree vocals…weaving in and out of a chunky bassline and an overall sense of sun-dappled delirium.”

“Stranger” premiered last month on BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong show as Malinchak’s third “Essential New Tune” and quickly topped the Hypemachine chart. “Stranger” marks a distinct new sound for the talented New Jersey songwriter/composer/producer/musician, combining a dizzying contemporary take on soulful funk and glitter ball disco along with a stunning vocal from Grammy-nominated RCA recording artist Mikky Ekko.

Describing the track, Malinchak says it expresses “a bigness, freshness and a sound that will surprise everybody.” “Stranger” was written by Chris Malinchak and Mikky Ekko, and produced, mixed, mastered & engineered by Chris Malinchak.

“Stranger” follows the phenomenal success of Malinchak’s recent singles “If U Got It” and the UK No.2 hit “So Good To Me,” the latter topping 25 million views on YouTube, dominating the dance floor and radio, and moving Adele to describe it as “beautiful.” Written while working at a gas station, alongside another part time job “dropping things off for a pharmacy,”“So Good To Me” came to Malinchak through the perks of the jobs downtime. As he explains, “I find myself writing all the time…depending on the occasion I may be more or less conscious of it. Pumping gas was great! I would write, my mind would wander, I was outside, cool people came thru I was friends with.”

Immediacy is synonymous with Malinchak, who likes to share songs online as soon as they are finished. “I love that moment when I put up a new song, knowing it’s about to be heard for the first time,” he expresses. With this, Malinchak is expected to take his music on the road for full live shows later this year. “I’m doing all of this because I love making music and sharing what I make.” Malinchak adds, “I’ve never looked to ‘push’ anything, but I’m always looking to share with more people.” If anything it’s the ‘pull’ factor that Malinchak is experiencing, and one that “Stranger” and his upcoming live shows will accentuate.

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