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Winnetka Bowling League Releases Debut Single “On The 5”; Self-Titled EP To Be Released On RCA Records 9/21


“Certain songs and certain places remind me of certain faces…”

(New York- August 10, 2018) Los Angeles-based Winnetka Bowling League unveiled their debut single “On The 5” today. Stream it via all DSPs now:

“I wanna go back to that summer in San Fran/ Listen to nothing but Revolver and Pet Sounds/ You riding shotty in my ’92 Subaru (and roll the windows down)”

A blistering SoCal anthem, “On The 5” captures the feel of dazzling sunshine and baked asphalt in a melancholy love song custom made for blasting on the freeway. Recently signed to RCA Records, Winnetka Bowling League are relative new arrivals to the Los Angeles music scene but on their forthcoming EP they display an impressive knack for crafting finely tuned guitar pop bursting with cinematic Golden State imagery. From Corollas and Subarus to Converse and RC Cola and “Come On Eileen,” Winnetka Bowling League’s lyrics are a cornucopia of pop culture references wrapped up in perfectly calibrated songwriting.

“From the state of California/ To the Converse in the foyer/ I think maybe I’m not done with us.”

Their five track debut self-titled EP will be released on September 21st on RCA Records.

“In my mind I’m still on the 5 with you.”

EP Tracklist:

  1. On The 5
  2. Alice
  3. Feeling California
  4. daydreamer
  5. are you okay?


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