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ZAYN’S “Mind Of Mine” Peaks At #1 On ITunes In 83 Countries

MIND OF MINE, ZAYN’s eagerly awaited global debut album, was released on Friday and has peaked at #1 in 83 countries on the iTunes chart.  His debut single “PiLlOwT4lK” has peaked at #1 in 60 countries on the iTunes chart.

ZAYN ushered in MIND OF MINE’s release date with a debut performance of “LIKE I WOULD” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and continued the celebration Friday evening with an intimate live performance of new tracks “tRuTh,” “LIKE I WOULD” and “iT’s YoU” on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater.

MIND OF MINE is available now in standard and deluxe editions, as well as a deluxe exclusive version available only at Target.

Check out what the press is saying about ZAYN’s MIND OF MINE

“His range and vocals shine, from the clipped phrasing of “She” to the booming falsetto belt on “Befour.” -Rolling Stone

“It’s You” is an elegant whisper of a love song, part mellow soul burner and part post-Coldplay melancholia.” – NY Times

a catchy, sexy and fully modern take on contemporary R&B.” -USA Today

 “In this moment, it’s clear that this album isn’t just Zayn Malik “trying” to move on from his boy band past. It’s more than a rebranding attempt. This is an artist being true to himself, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do, or the most obvious thing to do, or the most accessible thing to do. This is the triumph of Mind Of Mine.” -Pigeons and Planes

“A moody, deeply textured R&B album…”- LA Times

“He’s making electro-tinged R&B tunes that fall somewhere between the Weeknd and Frank Ocean.” TIME

“Befour,” “TiO,” and “Like I Would” lean headfirst into sleek, Weeknd-style hedonism; “Wrong Place” slips in an early-2000s Usher moment; and the falsetto seduction “Bordersz” could be vintage D’Angelo.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Now, with the release of his debut, “Mind of Mine” (RCA), exactly one year after he left the band, Malik’s move seems nothing short of brilliant.”  – Newsday

 “…it’s been created with love rather than with an eye on ticking boxes. You sense he’s had enough of the latter to last him a lifetime.” – The Guardian

“Zayn has officially launched his solo career, and it will be fascinating to see how he evolves.” – The Source

“With so many hits on one new album, you won’t be able to get Zayn’s smooth voice out of your head for a while.” – InStyle

“Mind of Mine is a new beginning for him, and with this opportunity, he has taken the time to create music that is an authentic representation of the artist he truly, deeply wants to be.” -NYLON

“The most striking song — and the one that suggests the most interesting direction for the future of Zayn’s sound — is actually an interstitial called “Flower,” a simple but hypnotic love song sung in Urdu.” – Vulture

“…it’s a decidedly contemporary and sexy R&B affair.” -Idolator

“…the whole effort is so tightly knit that it’s difficult to imagine this not all coming from one person’s “mind.”  Front to back, even as he flits between slow ballads and thumping club jams, the album appears to be almost seamless in its cohesion.” – Flavorwire

“He has a powerful voice, a knack for big hooks…”– Consequence of Sound

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