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Sheff G is the lion of New York’s hottest drill collective, Winners Circle. With millions of views on his booming and authentic songs such as “Moody” and “No Suburban 2,” he’s the heir apparent to the throne of rap that hovers over the state. And as you can see across thousands of mentions and millions of streams, he’s the topic of conversation no matter where you go. The craziest part? He’s just getting started.

21-year-old Sheff G was raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. His household, comprised of a Trinidadian mother and Haitan father, wasn’t the richest growing up, so he was exposed to the struggle early on, and it remained with him for the duration of his childhood. His catchy, yet simple, name comes from the term for the person in charge of a kitchen, “chef,” and “G” which stands for gangster.

He was immersed with rap from an early age and knew that in the future he’d be crowdsurfing while the crowd recited his songs. Some of his favorite artists growing up were 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem because his older cousins would play the music around him. Once he made it to his teenage years, he discovered Chicago’s drill scene and grew to be fond of Chief Keef’s music.

History was made in 2016 when he recorded his first song with fellow Winners Circle artist, Great John. It was “Nightmare,” a tune that was made in someone’s living room in the midst of joking with each other. It turned into a smash local hit and let him know that he could really do this if he wanted. From there, he created a series of songs called “Panic” that utilized drill beats from the United Kingdom to switch up the expectation of modern drill music out of New York.

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