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“How many notes, how many ways of going down a scale can you do it, how many rhythms can you provide and somehow the chemistry feels eternal and infinite. This piece of music by bLAck pARty… I’ve never heard anything like it. It’s just so weird and interesting and spacious… sounds like spring. Love it. A Stunner.” – The Zane Lowe Show

“Psychedelic, 70s-inspired grooves with warm soul music.” – Billboard

“bLAck pARty has been known to celebrate a multitude of styles spanning R&B, hip-hop, and psychedelic soul to create a sound that is definitively his own.” – Ones To Watch

“The stories painted are pure, eloquent scenarios that examine moments in life that aren’t grand and sensational, but honest and simplistic.” – DJ Booth

(August 5, 2022) – Arkansas bred, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, BLACK PARTY, releases his third studio album HUMMINGBIRD via WOLF + ROTHSTEIN/RCA RECORDS. The release arrives alongside a music video for “I Love You More Than You Know” featuring CHILDISH GAMBINO. The rhythmically effortless track marks both of the artist’s new chapters as fathers and their newfound motivation for creating music.

Listen to HUMMINGBIRD HERE and watch the video for “I Love You More Than You Know” featuring CHILDISH GAMBINO HERE.


“Come along with me, grab your headphones on a music journey – we’re going on the flight of the hummingbird. The album is a journey about self love, romantic love and parental love. It represents the evolution of human experience, and I hope the listener finds the full spectrum of emotion from heartbreak to finding self-confidence to sheer joy while listening.”

While working on his first project MANGO at a house in Los Angeles, where BLACK PARTY had been invited to stay and work by DONALD GLOVER, his booming sub bass attracted a hummingbird that lingered daily at the doorway to the studio. Only appearing when he played music, BLACK PARTY understood the hummingbird’s presence as spiritual and began to identify the hummingbird as a personal totem.

The album, an amalgam of sounds that sprawl and pull from psychedelic, funk, R&B, and reggae, channels hummingbirds in both sound and theme. As a collection, the record moves at a steady pace, dynamic in its spectrum of hip shaking grooves and consistent in its ability to command attention.

In addition from CHILDISH GAMBINO on “I Love You More Than You Know,” HUMMINGBIRD features a range of artists including SABA on “KEMET”, KARI FAUX on “BOMB”, JEAN DEAUX on “Ride”, GWEN BUNN on “Soakin” and BLACK PARTY’s own siblings DMP JEFE and ZOE on “Flame,” as well as contributions from a handful of producers like BEAT BUTCHALIDOWILLY YANEZBLACKSAMURAIEZM and RUTHERFORD “DAD” ALLISON. See full track list below.

Beginning this month on August 24th,BLACK PARTY will join SABRINA CLAUDIO on her North American “Based On A Feeling” tour – purchase tickets HERE.

HUMMINGBIRD track list:
01. Blues
02. She’s Gone
03. Hotline
04. Soakin feat. GWEN BUNN
05. On My Way
06. WW3
07. Down 4 Me
08. BOMB feat. KARI FAUX
09. Flame feat. DMP JEFE & ZOE
10. KEMET feat. SABA
11. Ride feat. JEAN DEAUX
12. I Love You More Than You Know feat. CHILDISH GAMBINO

A visit from a hummingbird is an ethereal experience, highlighting the perpetual motion of life and nature. A series of encounters with these tiny fluttering creatures felt like more than coincidence to LA-based artist Malik Flint, otherwise known as bLAck pARty, whose forthcoming third album, Hummingbird, is dedicated to these uncanny experiences.

He later learned their indigenous symbolism teaches perseverance and positivity, and their ability to attract mates through elaborate acts, like singing with their tails, resonated with Malik on a deeper level. Its opening track, “Blues”, finds bLAck pARty’s sultry voice referencing their avian stunts over beats that vibrate like wings. As a collection, the record moves at a steady pace, dynamic in its spectrum of hip shaking grooves and consistent in its ability to command attention.

Malik describes the moniker bLAck pARty as a nod to the collective power of Black music and the tradition’s contributions to the world. Born in Arkansas, Malik was raised an army brat by a musically-inclined family—his mother is a singer and his father, brothers and sister have all played parts on his records. From Tennessee and Kentucky to California and Colorado, Malik experienced a diversity of environments from a young age, always rooting himself in the music he grew up with: Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, Shuggie Ottis and Musiq Soulchild to name a few. bLAck pARty is in Malik’s words “a celebration” of all the elements of Black music that solidified his sound as an artist, spanning from soul and gospel to funk, rock and roll and even country music. Any listener familiar with the quintessential, voluptuous funk of neo soul mainstay D’Angelo will immediately take note of his influence.

Malik’s knack for blending sounds is evident not just in his music or the meaning behind bLAck pARty, but also in his approach to collaboration. A cornerstone of his career so far, working with others is at the root of his musical journey. Malik recalls playing trumpet and horns in his middle school and high school marching bands before producing, engineering and recording others like rapper Kari Faux and pop/R&B duo Chloe x Halle. At one point he was in a rap rock band called Flint Eastwood, and his first record, Mango, was the result of finding a community to share demos with on Twitter and Soundcloud. Working closely with Kari Faux early in his career opened doors to working with acclaimed actress, writer and producer Issa Rae on the music for her hit HBO series Insecure,and cemented an impactful relationship with multi-hyphenate artist Donald Glover, culminating in signing to his Wolf + Rothstein label in partnership with RCA and  contributing to Glover’s critically acclaimed 2016 Childish Gambino album “Awaken, My Love!”.

“I just wanted to make something that was different, but still felt like it would last,” Malik says about putting Hummingbird together. The album marks both a new chapter in his life as well as an important creative lesson. When the world was trying to tell Malik something, he listened. Hummingbird, in all its exquisite tones and textures, is his response—the world should listen.



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